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Bad relationship with Diet and Workout

We all want to have a lean bodies, eat all we want and skip the gym . I want to see if that’s possible. I have been seeing victoria’s secrets models and all these fit girls on TV and magazines and always thinking to myself  ‘Oh she looks good. I wish I could look like her’. I want to have lean muscles but also be strong, toned arms and firm stomach. I want to be the best version of myself. These days there is so much information available at our fingers and almost everything is possible and I decided to do it myself.

I was buying a lot of magazines and books about fitness and diet, but all of them were saying pretty much the same thing. Eat healthy and work out. Forget about eclairs and pasta with delicious carbonara sauce! From now on its broccoli and grilled chicken only. Since I was already doing that from time to time it was really hard for me to stick to those diets. I kept searching and thinking there must be something out there that works for me. I am not overweight but we all have those lousy 5-10 pounds. I want to turn that fat into healthy muscles. 

To turn that fat into muscles I have taken group classes at the local gym several times a week. Kickboxing, Zumba, Nike’s training club, Body Pump - you name it. I have tried them all. But it wasn’t quite working out for me. I was still far from what I want to look like. I was cutting out carbs because all the books and article says that carbs do no good for your waistline. But it was hard. I didn’t have enough motivation or wasn’t persistent enough. I kept looking for ways to achieve my resolution.

About a month ago I came across the article about Tim Ferriss’s book ‘4 hour body’ and great results people were talking about. I was thinking here we go again he is going to tell me that I need to work out 6 times a week and eat rabbit food till the rest of my life. I did a little research and found a lot of articles from people who had great results after following his tips and tricks. Everybody was saying how easy and simple it was and that its the best diet that they have ever tried. 5 minutes later I was on Amazon ordering that book. At first it sounded too good to be true but who knows maybe it is? I will find out very soon.

If you have tried ‘4 hour body’ principles yourself please leave your tips in the comments.

Stay happy and healthy.


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